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15 Signs He/She Is The Right Partner For You - Tips and Coffee -

15 Ways To Know If He/She Is The Right Partner For You

Finding the right partner is not something easy. It might take years to find the right partner, the partner you want to spend your whole life with.

Before you decide he/she is the right partner you want to ask yourself some questions to make sure he or she is actually the right partner for you.

Tips and Coffee present you this list of 15 Ways To Know If He/She Is The Right Partner For You:

1. He/She Cares About You

15 Ways To Know If He/She Is The Right Partner For You

If you are looking for a partner you want to spend your whole life with you want to look for someone who cares about you.

If he/she cares about you it shows you mean something to him/her. You want to make sure your partner is looking after you, cares about what you are doing.

If he/she is trying to convince you not to do something it’s not always a bad thing. Sometimes he/she just wants you to be safe and not do something dangerous or something that might hurt you.

2. He/She Asks About Your Day

If your partner asks you about your day it shows interest in you. He/She wants to hear how you been doing this day, He/She wants to know if something bothers you, If you have something you want to share, and know that everything is fine with you.

Asking about your day shows interest in you and what you are doing.

3. He/She Supports You In Bad Situations

How to know if he/she is the right one?

A partner who supports you is a great partner and someone you want to be near you. No matter what you do, you need someone who supports you nearby.

If your partner doesn’t support you in bad situations, If he/she does not leave everything and sits near you to hear what happened, it means he/she doesn’t care enough about you.

4. He/She Makes You Feel Special

You want your partner to make you feel special. Whether you are male or female, You want to look for someone who makes you feel like you are different from everybody else, that you are special in your own ways.

You want someone who makes you feel like you are one step above everybody else.

5. He/She Wants You to Do What Makes You Happy

The right partner wants you to do what makes you happy. If your partner wants you to do things you don’t like, work on something you hate or act like someone you are not, he/she is not the right partner for you.

Take a moment to think if who you are today is the real you, or someone he/she wants you to be.

6. He/She Listens to You

How to know if he/she is the right one?

Listen to your partner is not always an easy thing, but even though, it’s something the right partner must have.

The right partner will sit and listen to everything you have to say. The right partner will leave everything, no matter how important it is, only to listen to you.

We experience a lot of things every day, some of them are good and some of them are bad, and it is always good to have a partner who listens to you.

7. He/She Worries When You Don’t Answer The Phone

Worries about you = Cares about you = Truely loves you.

If he/she worries when you don’t answer the phone, it means he/she is worried that something might have happened to you and he/she wants to know that everything is fine.

Of course that we don’t mean that every single time you don’t answer he/she should make a scene. We mean that in general, he/she is worried if he/she doesn’t hear from you for a while.

8. He/She is Proud of You

The right partner is proud of you as their partner. He/She is proud to present you with their family and friends. The right partner makes you feel like you are the best he/she could find and always says that he/she is proud of you.

9. He/She Doesn’t Keep Any Secrets From You

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Secrets are bad, and if you caught your partner lying once, consider that it might and probably will happen again.

You don’t want someone who hides secrets from you. The right partner for you will always tell you everything, even if it’s not what you want to hear or it’s something bad that they have done.

10. He/She Thinks About Your Future

If he/she is saying things like “I want a warm house with a lot of children” or “I want to name our child X”, it shows that he/she is thinking about your future.

It is always nice to hear your partner saying things like this because it shows that he/she is serious and wants to take the relationship to next step when it’s time.

11. He/She Cares About Your Relationship

The right partner will not do something that will harm your relationship.

The are some things that might harm your relationship, and the right partner will not allow those. The right partner puts your relationship at the top priority. No matter what they won’t allow anything that harms your relationship or might weaken it.

12. He/She Trusts You

Trust is very important and you want your partner to trust you as you trust him/her. It might sound easy but trust is something that takes time to build. You want your partner to trust you when you go out, hanging out with friends, talking with someone else etc.

You must trust your partner as well. You know that he/she is the right partner for you when they want you to go out and enjoy, they don’t mind when you talk with people and they say they trust you a hundred percent.

13. Your Conversations Are Deep

How to know if he/she is the right one?

If you feel your conversations are not deep enough or boring, you might want to consider if it’s the right partner for you. We are talking about someone you are going to spend your whole life with. Think how frustrated it is to sit next to someone boring for an hour. Now Imagine how it feels to spend a whole life with someone like this…

This is why you want your partner to be a good conversation person and someone who you can discuss everything with.

14. He/She Never Cheated on Previous Relationships

The right partner has never been cheated on previous relationships. Studies show that people who cheated once, are more likely to do it again, so if your partner has been cheated on their previous relationships that’s a huge red light and you should end it before he/she will hurt you.

If you want to know more about cheating, or how to catch a cheater, you can read our article on 10 Signs He/She is  Cheating on You.

15. He/She Is Not Trying To Change You

The right partner accepts you the way you are. You are perfect to your partner and they don’t want you to something that you are not. The right partner accepts your weaknesses, your fears, your passions and your dreams.

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