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5 Useful Tips to Improve Your Sleep

You want to improve your sleep. We understand that. You might not see the results within a day, but if you work on it, it will come.

We made this list specially to help you to improve your sleep! So, let’s get straight into it!

1. Avoid sugar before sleep

Sugar makes your body more stressed and increasing your energy level, therefore we suggest avoiding any type of sugar before sleep time. If you are hungry before sleep try to eat foods that contain less sugar like vegetables or fruits.

Grabbing a snack before sleep will boost your body with energy and your body will have hard time falling asleep.

2. Make sure you are comfortable

If there is something that interrupts you in your sleeping environment, you mustn’t ignore it.

You have to feel comfortable in your sleeping environment and make sure that you are sleeping on a comfortable bed, that your pillow is adjusted to your neck and is not too small or too big for you, that you aren’t feeling too cold or too warm in your bed and that there isn’t something else that might interrupt your sleep (for example, a blinking light from your computer or notification sounds from your phone).

Think about it, you can’t stand sitting on an uncomfortable chair for 5 minutes, so how about sleeping in an uncomfortable room or bed for over 8 hours?

3. Control your breathing

If there is one thing that will make you fall asleep fast it is your breathing.

You want to have long and slow breaths, just relax in your bed, close your eyes and try to focus on your breathing. We suggest of using the 3 seconds method which is breath in for 3 seconds, hold it for 3 second, breath out for 3 seconds, and repeat that until you fall asleep. If you do that correctly you will find out that your body feels more relaxed and that you are falling asleep faster.

The 3 seconds method is also good in situations of stress or anxiety.

4. Try not thinking too much (we know it can be hard…)

This might sound weird but try not to think too much on your bed.

Don’t think about how much work you have to do, All the things you haven’t done today – how you are going to pay the bills and things like that. You are just making it harder for your body to relax and fall asleep.

You have all day to think about those things. In the night you need to empty your mind and try to relax as much as you can.

You need to make that separation and know when and where to think about these things. If you don’t let your mind relax and give it the rest it needs, it will harm your sleeping quality and your health, so try not to think too much on your bed, and it is hard for you, then think about positive things, some good memories from your childhood, someone who you love or care about etc.

5. Stay away from bright screens

Your body is “programmed” to be active at day and sleep at night, and when you are looking at bright things such as computer screens or even your smart phone screen, your brain thinks it is daytime, because of the light and brightness, and having hard time in creating the feeling of tiredness.

This is also why you do not sleep with light on, if you do that you will probably wake up every few hours because your brain receives signals that it is day outside, and you should wake up, so try to make your bedroom as dark as you can.

If you want to know more on how to improve your sleep or ask something about any other thing, please leave us a message in the discussion below.

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