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10 Tips To Save Money When Traveling

Save money when traveling – Might sound difficult but it is pretty simple when you get the idea.

It is often said that the best way to save money is to “have a shorthand and a deep pocket” any other way would be a difficult proposition but we could with some prudent thinking find new ways to save money.

Tips and Coffee made this list especially for you to help you save money when traveling to any destination!

If you could stick to the following, you could save substantially:

1. Check out affordable accommodation on the Internet

How to save money when traveling Tips and Coffee

Before you leave on your travels check all the available accommodation around the places you intend visiting. Book a room for a day or two even if you hope to stay there for a week.

Once you get there check out the other accommodation and then decide, if you get a better room at a cheaper price take it because when you are physically there the chances are that you could get a better bargain.


2. Set a daily budget

How to save money when traveling Tips and Coffee

Set a daily budget and try to spend within that, try not to be tempted as you have a long travel ahead of you and ensure you stick to the budget and if you save anything keep it aside for a rainy day or to have fun on the last day.

Have the expenses written down on a daily basis which would give you where you stand as far as money is concerned and if you find that you are deviating from it ensure that you come back.

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3. Breakfast at a bakery

Pick up breakfast on the run as you would need plenty of time in your hands for the day ahead and apart from saving on time you would save money too.


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4. Use public transport

How to save money when traveling Tips and Coffee

Use public transport wherever possible as it is cheaper and also safer especially when you are in unknown surroundings as you would have other passengers with you.


5. Check out Free Tours

There are many Free Tours which are either sponsored by companies or by the local councils as a tourist attraction seek them out.

Many of the larger cities have one or more as an incentive and these would take you all over the city especially the places of interest.

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6. Lunch at a kiosk or bakery

There are ample places to pick up food in every city and towns even in villages today which could be clean and healthy and being local food you would enjoy the cuisine.

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7. Travel light

If you are going out for the day ensure you travel as light as possible and leave all valuables back safely and carry only what you would need for the day and a little money more.

This would make you more comfortable and also you could walk further and see more places rather than being saddled by luggage.

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8. Pick out local foods

How to save money when traveling Tips and Coffee

Wherever possible try to consume local food they cost very much less but check out cleanliness and service before you order.

There are some great local foods available around the world wherever you may be traveling and with most of them having quick sales the chances of stale food being served are rare.

9. Share cost with others is one of the best ways to save money when traveling!

Try to move in a group even if you are traveling alone or with another and sharing costs would be cheaper for everyone rather than eating alone.

Moving in a group would enable you to split the bills also it could be safer as there are many crackpots out there who could spoil your holiday.

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10. Don’t buy on impulse

Try to keep your hands away from your pocket as much as possible and don’t get carried away by buying on impulse which is one way you would not know where your money is going.

You may end up buying so many things which at the end are just a waste of money and this should extend especially to souvenirs which would be touted.


We, at Tips and Coffee, hope you learned more about how to save money when traveling, and we wish you good luck in your next travel!

Don’t forget these tips, we recommend printing this page and taking it with you when you go to your next travel.

And as always, If you have any other questions on how to save money when traveling, or you just want to say or ask something, You are more than welcome to write us at the Contact Us Page!

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  1. This post is very useful and it has very good tips! I actually use some of them while traveling, like the daily budget tip!

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