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10 Signs He/She is Cheating On You

Cheating on your partner is a perennial habit that married men as well as married women would indulge in, if given half a chance and has been a major issue for marriage counselors to contend with.

Accusations would be thrown across the table and some with substance which could be proved but most of which would be based on suspicions only, without much to show on the table.

Divorces happen primarily because of cheating of one partner on the other but when both partners cheat on each other it becomes a marriage of convenience and life could go on for both with the issues swept under the carpet.

In such a case one may not bother what the other would do and vice versa and life would go on with everything in place as it is but not within the parameters of what we would call a happy marriage.

But if you are on one side of the coin and the other is cheating on you and that is hurting you, there are some salient changes you could see in your partner which would play on your suspicions.

We list below some of those easily detectable changes in your partner which would apprise you that something fishy is happening with your partner and your suspicions are food for thought.

1. Caring drops

Signs she is cheating Tips and Coffee

The caring for each other which was what kept all the love and companionship and held the marriage together drops suddenly, to levels never experienced before.

This could be easily noticed in any one of the two, be it a man or woman who are the first signs that show there is an under current slowly gaining roots in the relationship.

When this happens for the first time and one of the two notices it in the other, the best option would be to sit down and talk about it, showing that one knows there is a change in the other which would put the issue under the microscope.  

2. Change in appearance

For the man a distinct change in appearance, new clothes, new ties and a new perfume, a new spring in the stride, a happiness to leave home in the morning to work, then there is something happening, with disaster round the corner.

For a woman a change never seen before, leaving home earlier than usual dressing up a bit more elegant than before or wearing more than usual makeup, would be signs that she is cheating, or someone is getting closer to her.


3. Avoid Eye-Contact

Signs he is cheating me tips and coffee

It is known, that when someone is lying to you, it is hard for him to look straight into your eyes. You can tell that something is wrong when your partner is avoiding eye-contact. Your partner is too embarrassed with himself that he doesn’t feel comfortable looking at you the same way as before. Some researches show that when someone is telling a lie, he is looking to the left, you simply can’t look straight into someone elses eyes while you are cheating on him or lying to him, and if you can – you must be a good liar.

4. No commitment

The commitment in both towards the success of their marriage diminishes with only the motions being acted through then there is definitely something wrong. If it is the case with either it would be another person in the middle, for sure.

5. Ignore your calls

Signs he is cheating Tips and Coffee

If it’s one or two times it’s normal, but if it happens every day… or too many times a week, then it is suspicious.

If your partner does not answering your calls too many times, it might be because he has something to hide. Again, if your partner can’t talk while he is working or something similar than it’s ok, but if it happens after work-time, or late night – something is wrong.

Again,Please don’t freak out if your bae doesn’t answer your call immediately once. We are talking about a situation when it happens continuously.


6. Very busy

Always being too busy to interact and to talk about trivial things and showing that they are very busy at work and trying to avoid is another sign that there is something wrong or another is in her or his life from recently.

Coming late from work and citing heavy workloads in office which was not the case before are all signs that a third person is in the marriage.

7. Secrets = Cheating

The sharing of simple everyday happenings is important and when this stops and one gets very secretive of what he or she is up to during the day is food for thought.

A general secretiveness creeping in, he is coming home and placing his phone in a locked drawer or locking the briefcase or she being careful where she keeps the phone or even taking it to the bathroom are all signs that there is someone else in the center.

8. Protect privacy

Signs he or she is cheating Tips and Coffee

Becoming very private and calling secretly and deleting those numbers talking in very soft tones and generally being not the usual self are all bells ringing which would tell that it is someone else and it is a sign that they are in another relationship.

There are ample reasons to believe when one partner tries his or her best to protect their privacy with the usual sharing that built the marriage up.

9. Avoid questions

Avoiding any questions, which would pertain to his or her behavior and change in body language which would suggest that he or she is doing not for you.

Trying to be confrontational when anything about his or her daily chores or routine is asked and not forthcoming with a straight answer and sometimes avoiding the question totally.


10. Always defensive

Always on the defensive and not being cooperative like before, trying to hide emotions which could be seen on their faces especially being happy or even sad that could be common for men or women.

This is really an emotional curtain in front and with a “don’t care” attitude which is because his or her interests lie elsewhere and would always think of that part of the relationship.


We hope this list will help you to tell if he or she is cheating. If you want to comment on this article, say something or just share, you are more than welcome to do it!

Tips and Coffee would love to hear what you think. Please contact us here.

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