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12 Tips For Clean Smooth Face Skin - Tips and Coffee -

12 Tips For Clean Smooth Face Skin

Tips and Coffee proud to present you this special article that will give you Smooth Skin! – 12 Tips For Smooth Face Skin.

We have smooth skins when we are young and into our teens and from that time onwards, especially when we commute to school and back, that we need to care for our facial skin.

The world pollution index is climbing up alarmingly in all industrialized cities and this makes it imperative that we look after our health and especially our face which is vulnerable to dust, grime, soot, bacteria, viruses and everything else that is being blown around in the atmosphere.

These could be very harmful to our facial skin because it is very sensitive and germs that get in through the pores of our facial skin could wreak havoc inside our face.

If we are contemplating of having soft smooth skin when we pass our teens and get into our 20’s and gradually into the mid 20’s we should have gauged the skin type we have and cared for it, so that it remains as soft as it should be.

This does not mean that we apply all those cosmetics available in the shops and pamper ourselves there is more to it than that as there are many natural ways that you could ensure you have a smooth and soft facial skin.

If you care for your facial skin from the time you are young you could avoid the unpleasantness of acne, pimples and other skin irritations occurring in your face as time passes on.

We list below some of the natural ways of protecting our facial skin and ensuring it is soft and smooth.


1. Wash the face

Wash the face well with a face wash or very mild soap in the morning and night, if you happen to go out during the day and are exposed to the elements wash the face again.

Keeping the face clean would ensure that no dust, soot and grime remains which could be harmful.


2. Moisturize

Smooth Face Skin Tips and Coffee

After washing the face always use a very mild carefully selected moisturizer and ensure that you stay aware from the dust and grime.

Choose the moisturizer as per your skin type which would help to keep the facial skin always moist and also retaining the moisture within.


3. Sunscreen

The Sun’s Ultra Violet (UV) rays are very harmful to the skin and with the facial skin very sensitive, it is susceptible to damage and it is these UV rays that cause much damage to the skin rather than anything else.

Always wearing a sunscreen when out in the Sun is important and the best option would be to avoid staying outdoors when the Sun is up especially in the beach without a sunscreen.

Skin aging is also accelerated with constant exposure to the Sun hence avoiding or protecting is the best option.

4. Cleanse

Washing alone would not do and you would need to cleanse your face of all that dirt and grime and take away whatever is foreign on your face.

Ensure that you use the right cleanser to suit your skin type because it is going to dry up your facial skin hence keeping the face as moist as possible is what you need to do.


5. Drink water For Smooth Face Skin

Smooth Face Skin Tips and Coffee

Drink ample water which would hydrate your body and face from the inside, dehydration, the loss or drastic reduction of water in the body would have detrimental reactions on your face.

Drinking fruit juices with vitamins “A”, “D”, “C” and “E” or supplementing with these would rejuvenate and keep your skin healthy and nourished. This step is very important for having Smooth Face Skin.


6. Exfoliate

This is to remove the dead skin from our face and other parts of the body. The facial dead skin need to be carefully removed either by a mild scrub or with a facial peel, preferably using a natural peel.

Natural peels could be made with natural ingredients which are generally fresh fruits and selected vegetables, Avocado, cucumber, potato, cabbage are some of the commonly used which would help to prepare a good facial peel.

7. A balanced diet

Eat well but eat intelligently, hence select the food you would eat. Try to stick to fresh vegetables, fruits, cereals, bran, grains and other similar foods which would provide enough nutrients to the body.

This does not mean that you keep away and totally abstain from all that junk and oily food forever, eat them too but rarely and in very small quantities. Remind yourself why you are doing this, You want smooth face skin.

Smooth Face Skin will not appear unless you make some changes.

They should not be a part of your regular diet and must be a splash in the pan, once in a way, just to keep the urge away may be when you see a bright shining “Blue Moon” in the sky.


8. Exercise

Exercise Tips and Coffee

Regular exercise would bring blood rushing to your face as it would do for other parts of your body and with blood would come all the nourishment.

Neck exercises would do well for your face which could be done even when seated at your office table, and would bring blood flowing onto your face.


9. Apply natural masks

A face mask applied regularly using natural ingredients like fruits and vegetables would do a world of good to your face and there are ample products which you could select.

These would not be harmful unless of course you are allergic to certain fruits and vegetables which is very unlikely.

You could always prepare any of these very popular face masks which recipes are available in the Internet and try it out at a sensitive part of your skin for any adverse reactions before putting it on the face.

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10. Massage

Gently massage your face regularly after first washing your fingers and hands thoroughly with soap and water ensuring no soap remains in your fingers.


11. Wear a hat

Tips for Smooth clean Face skin tips and coffee

If you are going out or intend staying in the Sun for long always wear a big brimmed hat to keep the rays of the Sun away. Try to remain under the shade as much as possible so the sun won’t harm your skin and you can maintain you smooth face skin.


12. Stay away from the Sun

This may not be a good option but doing so would keep you away from a lot of issues.

The sun often causes skin defetcts, and if you want to have smooth face skin, this is probably not a good idea to roast yourself under the sun for too long.


With this list you will get the smooth and clean face skin that you have always wanted!

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