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10 Simple Tips How To Look Better on Selfies

10 Simple Tips How To Look Better on Selfies

How to look better on selfies your selfies is a common question these days. We keep on clicking selfies on our smartphone, tablet or any other device which we may use, without much thought about getting the perfect picture, because in the excitement of the moment we tend to overlook certain important factors. One of the most asked question these days is How to look better on selfies, and this is why Tips and Coffee made this list!

Are you ready to learn how to look better on selfies? let’s go!

1. The right lighting

How to upgrade selfies Tips and Coffee

Study the lighting where you intend taking the selfie, then ensure there is ample natural light if it is a daytime picture. Get closer to a window or better still step outside.

If you feel the lighting is still to be desired try to defuse some light onto to your face by placing a white sheet of paper or any other think to bring more light onto your face and don’t forget light if free, so make the best of it, it would help you.


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2. Check out shadows

Ensure that there are no shadows falling on your face which would bring darkness to the selfie hence bring the light to your face but not the shadows.


3. The exact time to click

Pick the right moment to click and that should come naturally as you may need to take as many selfies as possible to get the perfect one.

If you in a dark place for instance outside at night or even indoors and there is no light but you would like to click take out the apps “Snapchat” which would light up your smartphone or tablet screen when you click providing the lighting that you wanted.


4. A natural smile

How to look better on selfies

Smile as you would really mean it, not any of those forced ones but nature which would come on your face when you are really happy.

Get in front of a mirror and practice because “Practice makes perfect” and once you know how to bring out try doing it and clicking away and check is the best smile for you and then keep it.

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5. Take as many

Keep clicking and get as many as you can at the location or place you are in because you may not know which would turn out to be the best and that you would know only when you peruse then later.

So take as many selfies as you can and check out which is the most perfect, but not one but there would be many if you stick to the above tips and keep the clicking going.


6. Choose the angles

How to look better on selfies

Pick the right angles to hold the smartphone or tablet this could be either up, straight or even down below the chin because you may not know which would suit you and that you would know only after clicking a few hundreds.

Looking through you may come to realize that the bottom angle would be perfect for you or one of the other it does not cost to know which would be the best angle for you.


7. The right apps and filters

There are many apps which you could download to ensure you get that perfect selfie and some of them are ingenious, to say the least, and would give you perfection if you use them prudently.

Valencia filter, Afterlight, Perfect365, Adobe PhotoShop Fix, and Facetune are just some of the very useful apps that you could use to get that perfect selfie.

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8. Prudent editing

Ensure that you do not over-edit which would make it un-natural, some things are best kept where they should be, for instance, your smile.

Removing a few wrinkles would put the smile out of perspective and make it unreal and the face too may change hence keep the natural look which is what we and everyone else would like to see.


9. Check the background

How to look better on selfies

Check out the background and where you would stand, as there have been many accidents where selfies have plunged some to their deaths.

Hence stand on a firm and safe ground before you click and also ensure that the background does not affect your selfie. It is imperative that you consider safety as a priority before you click.


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10. How to look better on selfies in 2 words? Be natural.

Try to be natural as possible and don’t be too conscious of the picture and the best way to do so would be to keep clicking because you would not know which would be the perfect one for you.

It is only the natural selfies that really catch anybody else’s attention, if they are posed or taken with much un-natural effort they may not stand out as unique.


We hope you learned how to look better on selfies and that you are now smarter somehow. Tips and Coffee want to thank you for your support in our other articles and posts.

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