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5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise

5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise

Hey People! Today, Tips and Coffee will teach you how to lose weight without exercise. We know it might sound weird to you, but it is actually possible.

The things you do in your daily routine can actually make you lose weight without exercise at all! You just need to know how to do the same things you do normally, but in a way that will cause you losing fat.

So without further ado, Tips and Coffee present you the list of things you can do to lose weight without exercise:

1. Drinking water before meals can reduce appetite

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You heard right! If you drink one or two cups of water before you are eating, you are more likely to be full faster. Let’s say that if you drink a couple cups of water before a meal you eat 100 calories less. Do the math, It is 700 calories less per week which is equal to 2 full meals. Just imagine what it will do to your body! and the good thing is that it doesn’t take that much effort to fulfill it. Just create a reminder to drink a couple cups of water before meal time and you are all set!



2. Walk instead of drive

Before getting into your car consider making your way by foot. If you are not in a hurry it is recommended to make your way to places by foot. If you take your car and drive, for example, to the grocery store, well, you might save some time, but it would be much better to your body if you make your way to there walking. Think about all the calories you are about to burn. You will walk, climb some stairs, carry the bags and a lot more! I personally try to walk my way to places (if they are near) and I always feel better when I walk instead of driving. It makes me feel like I am doing some exercise in some way.


3. Use the stairs instead of the elevator

5 Ways To Lose Weight Without Exercise Tips and Coffee

Ok so let’s say that every time you are using the stairs you are burning 50-70 calories. If you use the stairs twice a day you burn 100-140 calories a day only by using the stairs instead of the elevator! When you are using the stairs your lose weight without exercise. Now, we know that some of you say “climbing stairs is exercise”, but if it takes you 1-2 minutes to do it, and you are doing it in your way to places, does it really count as exercise?


4. Reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee/tea

Who doesn’t like sugar in his tea or coffee right? well, I don’t.

I started to reduce sugar 3-4 years ago. I went from 2 tablespoons of sugar to absolutely none. It might sound impossible but if you reduce by little at a time, you won’t notice the difference. How do I feel now you ask? well, considering the fact that I consume 5-6 cups of coffee per day (by the way this is also why I called this website Tips and Coffee), I can really spot the difference.

If you sum it up, you get 12 tablespoons of sugar per day, 12 tablespoons of sugar that I reduced. Not only that I lost weight (about 6-7 Ibs past year, now I am around 155 Ibs), I also sleep much better. All the sugar I consumed to stay alert during the day, also made me stay awake until late night. but since I reduced the amount of sugar I consume I can fall asleep fast, and my sleep quality is much better. (If you want to read more about how to improve your sleep you can do it here)

On this one, you just have to trust me. Try to reduce the amount of sugar you consume in a day, and you will notice the difference.


5. Eat foods that increase your metabolism

10 Healthy Foods That Will Make You Live Longer - Tips and Coffee -

Eating Fish, Green Tea, Seaweed, Spinach and much more Healthy Foods that will increase your metabolism is a great way to lose weight without exercise. We actually posted an article about 10 healthy foods that will make you live longer. Try replacing one meal with one of the foods in the list and see how it goes. You will save a lot of calories by sticking to a healthy diet, even if you start by little. You do not have to replace all your diet with super healthy foods, but you will see that within time, you will feel much better and lighter after eating healthy foods instead of junk food or similar foods that harm you.



This is all for now, we gave you 5 ways to lose weight without exercise which we hope you can start doing right now. It really doesn’t take that much to start. You just need to decide you give it a try and go for it. Think about it, what do you have to lose?

Tips and Coffee wish you a healthy and happy week and as always, If you want to know more about ways to lose weight without exercise, you can contact us here.


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  1. Some of the tips has just changed my life ! And I do not exaggerate.. drinking more water helped me to feel more awake, energetic and light and it also helped my skin situation alot!!

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