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10 Ways to Look More Attractive Instantly

A Smile and a Shoeshine” would be the most appropriate words we could choose when we need to project attractiveness when walking into a place where you would like to be the cynosure of all eyes. To ensure we are attractive to others we may need to start from the bottom and work our way up and ensure we get everything right and once we learn the art of being smart and attractive getting it right again would not be a problem. Follow step by step and discover the tips that will make you look more attractive instantly!

So, let’s start!

1. Stand tall

When standing anywhere ensure that you stand straight without being hunched or lazily leaning against a pole or other support, be it in a train or anywhere else.

Standing straight and handsome would give anyone looking at you from a distance, to admire the smartness in you and if you are a tall person the height would give an add image of your confidence.

2. Speak well

Speak with a clear and precise tone articulating your words properly so that those listening to you would not be bored n the conversation but let you the talking so that you could be center of attraction.

Speaking is an art and learning some skills in speaking which are available online would do a world of good especially if you move around much among your peers .

3. Sitting smartly

Your posture when sitting down on a chair or at a desk or table should project an authoritativeness which should exude from within you for the others who see and feel the confident way about you.

A sexy posture with legs held apart at the appropriate angle would give those looking at you to imagine the man within you and an easy posture would be the best.

4. A strong but pleasant cologne

Change your cologne and get one that would have a really distinct masculine effect that would pervade wherever you chose to move.

A good smell around you would want other to come up and speak to you because they too would like to be part of the action around you.

Colognes are now quite an attraction for many and it is a phenomenon that has come down ages and still practiced.

5. A shining shoe

A well-polished shoe would tell a thousand words about you and what you project and would give a spring in your stride when others care to look at your shoe.

There is always the notion that many people of both sexes tend to look at shoes and legs of others and then bringing their gaze up when they see someone for the first time.

6. Trimmed eyebrows

Ensure that your eyebrows are trimmed neatly and not jutting out from the brows which could make you ugly to be seen by others and also there would be a horrible look in your eyes with untidy eyebrows.

It is generally eye contact that anyone would make with you and if you have long eyebrows that person would be put off and take the gesture elsewhere, may be even elsewhere other than on you.

7. Sleep well will actually makes you look more attractive!

Waking up with less sleep would give you a very Un-attractive look when you leave home with wrinkles below your eye which would be quite difficult to hide when a pretty girl passes by you giving you no second glance at all.

Breaking rest or not having sufficient sleep would make you groggy and also uneasy which would not be good for your image if you are trying to build one up.

8. Dress well

Dressing neatly in well pressed clothes and a very cute tie to take center stage would really give you a very smart composure and would be the cynosure in any crowd especially with many ladies around.

Picking the right clothes to wear for each occasion is very important and wearing the appropriate clothes wherever you may go has to be chosen carefully as it is often said “clothes make the man”.

9. Shave or trim

A well shaven face or a neatly and well trimmed beard is what would give that confident look in you, where others would surely envy the smartness that you would project.

Most men now wear a beard and it has become fashionable to have a designer stubble and f you like it have one as it would add to your smartness and manliness.

10. Improve body language

Body language is very important as it projects an air of confidence in you and to steal a second it is the best strategy especially when moving around at a cocktail or similar stage.

To get that Better Look that we all want when moving around in company everything should be perfect from bottom to top and from top to bottom.


We hope that you already feel like you look more attractive and as always, Tips and Coffee team would love to help you with everything you need!

For more advices and tips on how to look more attractive, or anything else you want to say or ask – Contact Us!


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