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5 Reasons Why You Are Awesome

5 Reasons Why You Are Awesome

Hey People! Today Tips and Coffee wanted to publish a post about YOU. We wanted to give you 5 reasons why you are awesome. Why? Because you are! We wanted to thank you for your support on our new website, You don’t know how much it helps when you share our content and spreading referrals to our website. It keeps us motivated and helps us continue to contribute our tips to all of you, our readers.

So without further ado, let’s jump straight into it and start with number 1 on the list:

1. You are one of a kind

How to love yourself more Tips and Coffee

Just think about it. You are the only one in the world who looks like you, think like you, and act like you. no one else knows what it is like to be you, and you can be proud of it. I bet there is something that you are doing better than everyone else, right? I know you have this thing that you are doing better, even if it is the stupidest thing you can think about, the fact that you are doing it better than the others makes you special.



2. You care about other people

We know you do. You can’t ignore someone else in trouble. You will do whatever it takes to help someone even if it means to give up on something you have. Not everyone has it inside them but you have it!


3. You have that special thing in your look

How to love yourself more Tips and Coffee

Ok so we can’t really see you, but everyone has this something that makes him look special in others eye. You have that one thing in your look that makes other people stare at you and think “what is that he has in his look?!”. Everyone has a special thing in his look, some kind of magic that makes you stand in front of others.



4. Your laugh makes other people laugh too

No matter how you laugh sounds, whether it sounds like a blowhorn or a bird screaming, Your laugh makes other people laugh too.


5. You are wiser than the others

How to love yourself more Tips and Coffee

When someone else is freaking out and don’t know what to do, you are the one who takes the lead and does the right thing. You are a natural leader. You know that if you do something, It is the right thing. No hesitations. People are following you because you give them hope, they want to learn from you, do what you do, speak like you, think like you, be you. But they can’t, and if you want to know why, read #1 on the list – You are one of a kind!


So that’s it for now, Tips and Coffee glad to help you feel better and improve your day, We hope that in difficult situations you will remember that you are awesome, and as we said before, you are one of a kind!


If you want to speak with us in private, or you want to ask us something about why you are awesome, please contact us at this contact us page here.

Tips and Coffee will always love to hear what you have to say!


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