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5 Reasons Why You Can’t Find Love

You cant find love. Don’t worry! It is common.

Today, Tips and Coffee will give you 5 reasons why you cant find love. Follow our list to figure out the things that stop you from getting what you are looking for.

1. You are too picky

Most people are looking for the “Perfect One” and won’t rest until they find it, but the reality is different.

You cant obviosly find someone who is 100% what you are looking for, and between us, you also don’t want it, because that would be too boring.

You must think about the most important things that you are looking for in a person and look for those things. You must give people a chance. Don’t be too hard on people because you are probably not 100% what they are looking for either. You have to remember the things that actually matters, and if, for example, you just met a person who is what you were looking for except that he is wearing glasses, and you don’t give him a chance because of that, you are probably losing something, We think you got the idea… Don’t get caught on details! (especially if they are not important like in this example).

2. You are too hard with yourself

When you are too hard with yourself, and do not accept yourself, it will be very hard for other people to accept you, and feel comfortable with you.

Even if there is something with yourself that bothers you, try not to think about it all day long and have those feelings like “I am not worth it” or “No one loves me”.

People can sense those feelings, and honestly, they do not like to be in company of people of that kind. People want to be near happy and successful people. They do not want to feel that the people that surround them are less worthy than them or getting their mood down all the time.

If you look around, you can sometimes notice people who have partners who are better looking than them, more successful and so on…

It all depends on the way you think of yourself. If you consider yourself as a “6”, you will attract people who are in that area. But, if you consider yourself as a “9” or a “10”, People will sense that and you will “target that audience”.

Mission: Say out loud 3 things that you are good at.

Great! Feels good right? Now if it made you feel even a little bit better with yourself, try to repeat this method every day and we promise you that it will make you feel way better.

3. You are not making enough eye-contact

Making eye-contact is very important.

We are not saying that you have to be creepy and stare at people, no, but we do advise you to look around a little bit.

If you are looking at your phone all the time, being busy with your stuff and don’t show your face you other people, then how do you expect other people to notice you?

Try to look around every now and then, maybe someone is looking at you right now and you miss that because you are too busy with something else?

Eye-contact creates attraction. Two simple stares that meet at the same time can lead to a little talk, where you can exchange numbers and go on a date, and so on…

So next time you are on the train home, or sitting in a bar, try to look around every now and then.. even for that little chance that someone else is staring at you at the right time.

4. You don’t go out enough

Think about it, What are the higher chances of getting a date –

Meeting 3 new people a week or meeting 20 new people a week?

If you go out more and hang out with your friends, you are more likely to know more people. Your chances of getting a date and maybe even find love will grow drastically if you meet more people.

Meeting 100 people and getting 99 “No-s” are worth that single time when you get a “Yes”.

Just try to go out because that will increase the amount of people you meet and talk with, and that comes with higher chances of finding your future love.

5. It’s not that you cant find love – You are not looking at the right places

If you are looking for a shy, quiet person who likes to read, and you go out to the night club late night to find that, you are not going to get what you are looking for.

You have to look at the right places. A person with the characteristics we mentioned before is not going to be at the night club, you should probably go to the library and try meeting someone who is sitting in a quiet environment and reading something quietly. This is a simple example but it sums this subject the best way.

It goes the other way, if you are looking for an adventure and looking for a trouble-maker or a bad boy/girl you should probably go look at different place than the library…


We, at Tips and Coffee know how hard is the feeling that you cant find love, and this is why we made this tutorial.

As always, If you want to know more why you cant find love, ask us something, say something, get an extra thought or everything else, Contact Us Here.


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