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6 Tips on How to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

We know that this subject, How to ask your boss for a raise is not a simple thing to do, and we are here to help you!

So let’s start! and hopefully, you will understand how to ask your boss for a raise, so you can do it even tomorrow!

1. Know your value

You have to know how much you are worth.

Obviously, You can’t ask for 15K$ while you are worth 10K$. You have to do some research before and see how much other people with your experience and in the same area are making.

After you do some research and find out how much other people are making, you can really decide on a price and ask for this specific amount.

2. Believe you deserve it before you think how to ask your boss for a raise

The most important thing when you think about asking for a raise is to ask yourself if you really believe you deserve it.

If you don’t believe you deserve more money for your work then your boss probably won’t think differently. You have to believe that you do deserve a raise and this is the key ingredient for this formula.

3. Be specific

Don’t go and ask for a raise before you have a number in mind. You want to go and ask for a specific number.

Some people just ask for a raise and they don’t mention the amount they want, and that can lead to a situation when your boss offers you a lower raise than what you asked for and you might even get into negotiating on a price with him, which is not a good thing to do, so before you go out there and ask for a raise, think about the amount you want, and name it.

4. Start with the good things

You want to say some good things before you get to the part where you ask for the raise.

Your boss will be more likely to invest in workers that are feeling good with their job and like what they are doing.

You have to say some nice things about the place you are working, that you are learning stuff and getting better at your work, all this things will make your boss feel better as a boss and as a manager, and by that you are getting one step closer to your goal.

5. Don’t get personal

Your boss doesn’t want to hear how bad you are doing financially, and how your car just messed up and your cat just died and you need more money, NO!

Think about it, if you were him, with all the pressure on your head, wouldn’t that annoy you if someone just come and wine about your life?

That’s what we thought.

6. Wait for the right timing

Timing is important.

The best situation to ask for a raise is when your company is in a good position.

If your company just made a good deal and earned a lot of money, this is the perfect time for you! Your bosses mood will be high and you will be more likely to get a positive answer!

But… If your company just lost money and is not doing great, then you might want to wait for a better time.


We hope you learned a thing or two about how to ask your boss for a raise.

If you want to get another opinion or just ask us something about this subject or anything in particular, you can always Contact Us.

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