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7 Amazon Hacks That Will Save You a Lot of Money

The ‘meat and potatoes’ of the matter…

Let’s face it : In our ever – more expensive day and age, filled with more trinkets, busyness, needs and ways to spend – or even lose – a dollar, it’s now a ‘make or break’ society when it comes to properly watching your finances and to say the least, every single penny saved can surely add up. And we want to be careful to find every possible little trick, tip, cheat or ‘hack’ that can help us save in the long run. And that’s that this following post is all about, friends, at least Amazon – wise, so read on to your heart’s content. It gets better as you proceed… we hope the following pointers will at least help to steer you in the right direction and provide a clear framework for how you can collect every cent in savings – read on!

1. Coupons, coupons, coupons… Engage some of them

Think about it: If Amazon is the number one e-Commerce store on the planet, at this very moment, then that probably means there’s bound to be some coupons and savings deals out there somewhere that you can find, right? That would be correct, and speaking of which, there’s actually quite a plethora of places you can locate these coupons, both online or from other sources; the first place that comes to mind would be from none other than Amazon itself, which is constantly updating its selection of coupons that may be applied toward certain products found on its main site.

Here is a full list of all the available Amazon Coupons:

Screenshot of some coupons offered by

2. Connect Amazon Prime to your entire household

To kick things off, did you know your spouse, or significant other, for instance, can even use your Prime account? Amazon Household lets you easily connect that spouse, along with up to 5 children living in the home, who may also use the Family Vault featured offered which means photo – taking and photo – sharing is also available for all members, along with unforgettable moments. But that’s not all; in fact, some of the other benefits worthy of note include the following, too:

a. You get unlimited storage of photos – do as many as you want. On this alone, you can save some money and time in no longer having to drive to Walgreens to get a camera, new picture slots, getting family photos taken, then redone, etc…

b. You also get multiple “family member” connected accounts. It must be nice to have it all in one place, right? Well, here, you can… and you still pay just one sole price.

c. You can also get the best of Prime Video, which lets you easily access thousands, upon thousands, of your family’s favorite TV shows, movies and more. Imagine how much money you could save from not having to go to the movies, rent out from a video rental place, or have to buy/purchase the movie or show you want, it’s all included here instead!

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3. Get your close-out items from Amazon Warehouse instead

Close-out items make for massive discounts, and even greater saving potential as a whole… especially when it’s all done through Amazon Warehouse which specializes in putting out items it needs to get rid of, all while offering customers an incentive to buy, which is through reducing its prices for all. You can even get major markdowns on items that were slightly used and recently returned, for instance, all while getting the same feel and quality of having purchased a brand – new (or technically, next – to – new) item. How cool is that?

4. Combine those orders to save on shipping

It’s simple, right? Anyone who purchases more items, or chooses to checkout ‘in bulk’, is bound to save more in the long run; that’s usually how it works with most major retailers, be they in – store sellers or online dealers. And with Amazon, why should it be any different? The more you spend out, the more you will take back in savings. It’s a simple law of “cause and effect” that anyone can agree with.

Buy two or more items online. Get them separately. This little hack works most of the time, giving you cheaper, and sometimes faster, shipping overall. Give it a whirl. What’s there to lose?

5. Take advantage of “Amazon Giveaways”

Thousands of companies, in attempts to push the word on their products, give away tons and tons of free samples every single day; it’s a fact that can’t be denied. And if, by chance, there just so happens to be a product you like and were looking for, which is on giveaway, then why not just get it there for free? Do so, and you’ll have instantly saved a ton of money on something you would have otherwise bought. Some of these, though, don’t give you the entire product for free but rather provide a markdown on whatever the listed price is. Either way, you still save!

6. Have you heard of “Amazon Lightning Deals”?

Most people don’t seem to know about this one, so I guess it remains one of the industry’s best – kept secrets, all in all. But it’s still worth a look. With Lightning Deals, there’ll usually be a specified, limited quantity of products that are left for sale, which must get sold. There’s also usually a limited – time promotion going on, around these items. For instance, it could be a groups of PCs going on clearance for a limited 2-hour window until they all get sold out.

7. How about “Amazon Restaurants”?

You’ve heard of Uber Eats, but did you even know Amazon Restaurants is in business? You may not have. But there’s good news… we’re here to give you a brief scoop on it to leave you wanting more!

The first thing you should know, then, is that Amazon Restaurants lets you instantly deliver from all your favorite nearby restaurants. So, you won’t have to go out to eat; the food can come to you. And if you need something to feed greater quantities of people, perhaps even catering, it can be done.

Ultimately, saving is not difficult: You just need to know how, when, and where best to do it. And there’s always a savings deal, or even an unconsidered hack, that you can come up with. We hope that, if you’re ever shopping on Amazon, while on a limited budget, the advice we have suggested may serve you best…

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