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10 Ways to Look Better in Photos

There are some things in the world which we do, no matter where we go or no matter which situation we are in. We just tend to do those things. Taking photographs is one such activity which we do. Photographs are one of those few things which will allow us to remember all of the important things we did beautiful memories we made. So it is important to look good in these photographs because you do not need to look bad in your memories. Nowadays with the development of the technology, we have so many advanced cameras which will allow us to capture high quality pictures. If you do not look good in those pictures, you will be having high quality pictures where you look bad. So with all these new technologies we have it is important and it feels good to look better in photos. So whether you want to look better in photos to impress your crush or just want to look more attractive – following are some ways you can follow to look better in photos by Tips and Coffee.

1. Tilt your face a little

This is quite important for you to look better in photographs. It is important to show more depth in your features. So tilting your face before the shutter clicks will help you to give more features of your face. And when you are tilting, you will not be facing in the camera squarely. So use this technique when facing the camera, so that you will look better in photos.

2. Show left side of your face

Some people are good when facing right side and some people are good when facing left side. But according to most of the specialists in the photography field, it looks more attractive when people showing their left side of faces to the camera. So make sure you are facing left side when posing to a photograph, so that you will be looking great on it.

3. Do not drink and pose

This is really important when taking a photograph. No matter how light the flashes are no matter how high the editing skills, if you pose after having 5 6 glasses of wines, your eyes will look droopy. So make sure you take photographs in the early stages of an event, so that you will look nice and attractive in them.

4. Take full length photos from a lower angle will make you look better in photos

If you want to have a full length photo of yours, ask the photographer to take it from a lower angle. Because in lower angles you look taller and leaner. Experienced photographers might know about these facts. But if the photographer is a newbie, then he might not know on these. So make sure they know about the facts and if they don’t please enlighten them.

5. Take seated photos from a higher angle

Photographers say that a shot from the above is godsend. So it is important to the shot be taken from a higher angle if you are taking seated photos. And tilt your face up so that it will define your jaw making you look much better in the photographs taken.

6. Have a relaxed smile

Do not look tensed in photographs. Be relaxed and have a relaxed smile when you are posing to the camera. If you really do not know to have a relaxed smile follow the below steps.

  • Close your eyes
  • Take a deep breath
  • Open your eyes just before the shutter clicks
  • AND smile

When you follow these steps, you will be having a relaxed and pleasant smile while the photograph is taken and you will look better in it.

7. Look toward a light 

This is important when it comes to showing dimples. While you are facing left side of yours to the camera, look toward a light right just before the shutter clicks. That will cause you to look great in the photographs and when you are doing that it will shrink you pupil, which helps to minimize the dreaded red eye effect. So follow this step when taking photographs.

8. Say “Money”

Most of the people say “cheese” when taking photographs. Cheese may look good on top of a pizza, but not in a photograph. Say “Money” when you are taking photographs and that will make your corners of the mouth go up. Not only that, it will make your eyes crinkle, which will give a nice genuine smile. So if you need to look better on photographs, this is one of the tactics that you should follow.

9. Crop the photo

A photograph should make sense and it should be filling your entire body. When it comes to this situation, cropping is really important. It will fill your entire body to the frame and you will look great in it. If the photographers or the editor had not done that for you, make sure to crop it before posting, so that you will look better on that photograph.

10. Do not stand closest in group photos

If you stand closest in group photos, you will look inappropriately larger, if the fellow people are comparatively smaller and you will look inappropriately smaller, if the fellow people are comparatively larger. So make sure you stand even with other people, so that you will not be facing any trouble like that. Therefore keep in mind not to stand closest in group photos and you will look much better with the others if you follow the above mentioned steps.

So it should be obvious and you should get an idea about how to look better in photos. Another important fact is that take multiple photos in one pose, so that you can select the best from the best. Who doesn’t like to look better and highlighted not only in photographs but in everywhere. The above mentioned factors might not be applied to everywhere. But when it comes to taking photographs, they are some of the best techniques you can follow to look better in those photographs. So make use of these techniques and look good in photographs. Later in one day, when you look in to these photos, you will feel great and happy because you looked great in those times.

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